This has apparently been out for some time now, but I'm just hearing about it (and the band) right now. This will teach me to pay more attention, as I have apparently missed out on this band's entire career by a few years.

The tracks on Crucified's Dead Of Sleep are posthumous recordings of the band's death rattle before they broke up in 2011. I'm not sure what ultimately led to them splitting but, I can tell you right now it was definitely not lack of direction or spirit. These tracks are brutal, pounding modern crossover that instantly bring bands like Ringworm, Pulling Teeth, and Haymaker to mind. Vocalist Nick Rockwell's almost Human Furnace-like howl is the icing on the fury cake, and sets the overall tone of the record; dirty, fast, brutal, and meant to make you lose your shit seeing them live. And though this music is primarily played by and for underground hardcore fans, I can see no reason for anyone into any kind of heavy music to disregard this, whether they care about hardcore or not.

Being an EP of four songs that are equally intense, it's hard to pick a favorite track. The pressing on GTR is pretty limited, but f this is still available at all, I couldn't recommend picking this up any more.