The Banner is a band that's pretty well known in the tri-state hardcore scene. After last releasing Frailty back in 2008, the band disappeared for a bit and wasn't too active. After releasing an EP in 2013, The Banner has produced a new LP in Greying. Unlike the previous LP, which was very dark and heavy throughout, there is much dynamics and experimentation shown here. Two words which aren't used to describe hardcore too often, but none the less after hearing "Sunlight", it all starts to make sense.

The pissed off, chugging distorted guitars that ring throughout opener "The Dying Of The Light" really remind listeners what chaos this band is capable of. The dark, brooding atmosphere is constant throughout the 41 minutes and is highlighted on tracks like "Sunlight" and "Send Me Down". While listening to the aforementioned tracks, you would almost think you were listening to an entirely different band. Some of the electronic passages in "Sunlight" remind me of the newest AFI album while frontman Joey Southside's vocals take a turn down Type O Negative territory. The melodies are haunting, and provide a haunting contrast to Southside's throat shredding screams.

There are still plenty of tracks to keep kids in the pit happy, with ragers like "Circle Of Salt" and "Unbaptized". The band even through in a bluesy jam track in "Bones To Dust" because why the fuck not? Greying is definitely an entertaining listen, providing plenty of twists and turns for the listener. I sat on this record for awhile because I kept trying to digest it in pieces. However, a full listen through while sitting in darkness gave me the proper perspective and ability to somewhat transcribe what this thing sounds like. Throw this on in the car and let it take you.

Greying is out now via Good Fight Music, which is fitting, considering The Banner released a majority of their catalog on label head Carl Severson's previous venture, Ferret Records. Listen to a track below: