This album is very technical, very brutal and overall a must listen. The guitarist is brilliant and very fluid. This is not a typical death metal album, it's got some groove to it. This is an album you can drive long distance to, or nerd the fuck out while playing Fallout or some other single player adventure game where you waste hours looting forks and knives and shit in the barren wastelands of the USA.

It's nice to hear an album where its not all about the damn vocalist. The guitars on this album will give you a chubby. It's very progressive, but still holds true to its form.

It's like the late 80's showed up in a time machine and was like, "oh, you call that metal, sup bruh?!", and this is the sound that came from it.

Apex is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album. I could see myself 10 PBRs deep at a show dancing like a clown to it.

all i can really say is, "CIRCLE PITTTTSSSSS!" Lace up the Newbies, Tie the hoodie tight, cover your face and fucking run. CHOO CHOOOOO