This sounds like Poison the Well and Norma Jean both original and newish (even though new is like 10 years old)were cousins and made a baby that came out all sorts of fucked up. Theres too much mixing of genres in this. The drums sound like they came from Garage Band and do nothing for the guitars. the guitars sound like something my band mate back when we were 15 would have written. and what teh fuck is the vocalist even saying. the guitars are so loud in the recording you can't hear the vocals at all.

theres the occasional promise of a decent uptempo section that is then ruined by a poorly written break down thats filled in with those horrible drums.

This could be a good album, I hope they spend more time and really work on their sound, and work on making music and not cookie cutter numetal, hardcore circa 2005. Seriously this sounds like I would have listened to it 10 years ago.

THen the track listings, don't get me started. Cliche metal track names.