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6/9/2020 1:59:47 PM

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trash friend
6/9/2020 2:19:40 PM

If you really think about it, the male reproductive system is pretty fucking stupid and funny:

you have an appendage where if you tug on it enough it stiffens up and vomits up potential babies.

trash friend
6/9/2020 2:20:34 PM

I am not a very bright man.

trash friend
6/9/2020 3:49:48 PM

Great goobus of the moogly hoogus, Sharpton is slaying right now.

6/9/2020 4:51:21 PM

the fire is fake but the tire is real

6/9/2020 8:06:10 PM
Originally posted by: cbrickhouse

the fire is fake but the tire is real

Way to ruin the illusion. WHY DO YOU HATE FUN.

trash friend
6/9/2020 8:11:50 PM

^i agree, AJ might be smarter than me but now you made me question everything, I’m gonna have to report this to my QAnon group and my Mongolian Horse Rap group after I showed them this as evidence of Big Tire criminality.

6/10/2020 5:21:42 AM

how about the arm? is true or fake?