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4/30/2020 11:07:48 AM

Lost another 2 days to a flare. Eat shit, 2020

trash friend
4/30/2020 11:15:10 AM

This is cannon, correct sir?

trash friend
4/30/2020 12:44:37 PM

Hollywood should create its whole next gen of historical war or hero films in settings like Tawantinsuyo, Mali, The Mayan city-states, the Mexi rise is pretty fucking awesome and dark. They were in a good position to get land and power, setting up a marriage of one of their princes with a princess of a more powerful State in the lake region at that time. The Mexi (Aztec) instead decided to sacrifice the princess and greet her father, on the arranged marriage date, with a Priest wearing her skin as a cloak.

fuck Robin Hood 2030 or whatever. Give me Mansa Musa seizing power by sending his predecessor into the Bermuda Triangle because he heard the exploratory voyage west killed almost all who left for itπŸ˜‚ instead we will probably get Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson in a film about the hardships of the trading company mulletias.

trash friend
4/30/2020 2:35:10 PM

america is a top 25 nation πŸ˜‚ #inthepollsbabyWERETOPTWENTYFIVE!